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Apply for your UK proof of age and identity card today with ease.

Utilise IDGO’s online application to apply and manage your application conveniently from any device through your online account. Rest assured, PASS is recognised by the Home Office, police, and all UK retailers and serves as a valid proof of age and identity document.


Experience a safe and straightforward application process and apply for your IDGO Card today!


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IDGO streamlines the process of proving your age and identity for UK residents aged 18 and over. Our versatile proof of age & ID cards remain valid for four years from the date of issue (rounded up to the end of the month).


From exercising your voting rights to purchasing age-restricted items like alcohol and tobacco, from navigating nightlife to undergoing tattoo or body modification procedures, to visiting tanning salons to participating in the lottery, our IDGO card is your all-in-one solution for seamless verification.


In addition to a standard proof of age and identity card, we proudly introduce the IDGO smartcard – the UK's first double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless pre-paid card.



Register your interest today to secure your spot as one of the first applicants when we launch.


How we verify who you are

Apply for a New IDGO

Ready to get your hands on your very own IDGO Card? If you've never had one before, no worries! We've got two ways to help you get started:

Digital Check: If you've got a valid photo ID, we can check it out digitally to verify your identity. Easy, right?

Referee Option: Don't have a valid photo ID handy? No problem! Just grab a referee to help you out.


When you're applying for your first IDGO Card, make sure to read through these important points:

Referee Options: We accept two types of referees:

  1. Those who can verify your original documents.

  2. Those who can confirm your details from official records.


For Referees Verifying Original Documents:

You'll need to show official documents like a birth certificate or NHS Medical Card to validate your identity.

For Professionals

Professionals like doctors can check your details against official records, like NHS records, at their workplace.

Here's the requirements that your chosen referee needs to meet:

Professional Recognition

They must work in a recognised profession with verifiable business details that are listed in online professional business directories.

Availability: Your referee should be reachable at their registered business address via email and their work phone number during standard office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We'll definitely give them a call!


No Personal Relationship

The referee cannot be related to you or in any personal relationship with you. This includes guardians, foster carers, spouses, civil partners, fiancés, boyfriends, or girlfriends. They also can't be someone who lives with you.


Awareness and Declaration:

Your chosen referee needs to be aware of your application and the reference they're providing. After you finish uploading your documents online, they'll need to complete the Digital Referee Declaration Form.


Remember, you need to review the requirements for your first UK IDGO card before applying. Once you make the payment, we'll help you choose the appropriate verification route.


Just keep in mind that we need all the necessary information by 12:00 PM for the application process to kick off on the same day.

What You'll Need Before you Apply  

Here are the steps to complete your online application for your IDGO card:


Start by choosing your IDGO Card type and clicking on the "APPLY" button.


Complete the application form and proceed to make a payment.

DALL·E 2023-10-16 23.17.21 - Realistic close-up photo of a diverse group of young adults a


If you're new, create your account by filling out a registration form and activating your account.

If you already have an account, simply log in to your IDGO online account.


Choose your preferred verification route: either a digital check to authenticate your photo ID document or enlist a professional referee to confirm your identity.


Upload your photo along with any original documents required, if necessary.


Once verified, we'll send you a notification to let you know if everything is A-ok or if we need further info from you.

DALL·E 2023-10-16 23.55.39 - Realistic close-up photo of a diverse homeless individual, po


We'll verify your identity through either photo ID validation or by contacting your chosen referee.


Once all the checks have been completed and we've securely processed your application, we'll promptly mail your IDGO card to you.

Got it? Now you're ready to roll!

If you have any questions or need a hand, we're here to help.

Choose your IDGO Card


    Elevate your identity with your personalised proof of age card. Your gateway to authenticity!
    Valid for 3 years
    • Standard proof of age and identity card
    • For individuals or in bulk order (min 250) for organisations
    • Customise your IDGO Card with personalised design options
    • Easy and efficient verification process
    • Nationwide acceptance
    • Secure and reliable identification solution
    • Delivered in 14 working days
    • Valid for 3 years
    • Discount on upgrade to IDGO Smartcard

    Every month
    +£19.99 One-time payment fee
    The UK's 1st double-sided proof of age, identity and contactless pre-paid card
     90 day free trial
    • Proof of Age, Identity & Contactless Pre-Paid Smartcard
    • Free IDGO App
    • Apply, View, Modify & Manage Personal Details
    • Secure Transactions: Contactless pre-paid functionality
    • Unlock cashback rewards
    • Access to exclusive incentives and offers
    • Personalise your IDGO card design
    • & More!
  • Replacement Order Form

    Replace your IDGO Card if lost, damaged, expired, for changed appearance or a legal name change
    Valid for 4 years
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