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Defining Security with Innovation and Inclusivity

We're embarking on a mission to revolutionise age verification. IDGO was born out of a deep concern for the compromised data resulting from lost or stolen passports and driving licences during nighttime revelries and when used for everyday proof of age and identity purposes. Our focus is on providing a safer and smarter alternative.

We proudly present The IDGO Card – the UK's 1st double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless pre-paid smartcard, officially licenced and accredited by the PASS Scheme. Our commitment is to offer a secure and reliable solution endorsed by the UK Home Office, the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), and the Security Industry Association (S.I.A).


Welcome to IDGO, where safeguarding your identity meets cutting-edge innovation.


Security First

In a world where obtaining a passport can be a daunting challenge, we're here to simplify the process. Every year, a staggering 400,000 passports go missing, with 54% reported by those under 30.


Fear not! THE IDGO Card provides a reliable alternative to keep your personal information secure, without the hassle of passport woes.

Identity Fraud Combat

The struggle is real – 1.4 million identity fraud cases are linked to lost or stolen driver's licenses every day. 

The IDGO Card exists to combat identity fraud by effectively gating personal information. We've turned the tables on the bad actors, ensuring your identity stays where it belongs – with you.


The Smartcard Revolution for Gen Z and Millennials


Are you tired of fumbling through your wallet or risking the loss of your passport or driver's license every time you go out? Look no further than IDGO, the UK's first double-sided smartcard designed exclusively for individuals aged 18-38. Simplifying your every day and nightlife experiences, IDGO serves as your ultimate proof of age, identity, and a convenient contactless pre-paid smartcard for age-restricted purchases.

Your All-in-One Smartcard Solution 

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky documents and welcome the seamless, secure alternative offers. By effectively gating personal information, IDGO is a robust defence against identity fraud, ensuring your peace of mind.

Embrace the future with IDGO - join the beta waitlist now to be the first to experience the freedom and security that comes with our revolutionary smart card. Upgrade your lifestyle, simplify your outings, and make IDGO your go-to proof of age and identity solution today!



Third Sector And Public Sector Organisations


We understand the challenges many face in obtaining a passport or driver's licence. That's why we forge partnerships with third and public-sector organisations to assist individuals who may not have access to traditional proof of age and identification. The IDGO Card is your accessible, hassle-free solution, ensuring that everyone has a chance to secure and prove their identity. 

Diverse Access

We believe in inclusivity. That's why we offer bulk orders to third-sector and public-sector organisations, making The IDGO Card accessible to marginalised individuals facing socio-economic challenges. From prison leavers to the homeless and care leavers, everyone deserves secure and convenient identification.

Partner with us to provide the IDGO Card to those who

need it most – making a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing socio-economic challenges.

Keziah Tomlinson

Freedom Lover

"Really interested in this as an avid party and festival goer as it would reduce the risk of losing the valuable documents that I have had to carry and have lost on numerous occasions"

Matthew Gordan

Chief Executive of

The Care Leaver Covenant

"Love the concept"

Doreen White

Probation Practioner



"Even before the official launch, IDGO has already demonstrated its potential to revolutionise proof of age and identity solutions. I am eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will bring to individuals and organisations alike"


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